Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is a garden that grows up (vertically) using a frame or other support system, rather than on the ground (horizontally). Anything grown on a frame or even a wall is technically part of a vertical garden. This technique can be used to create living screens between different areas, providing privacy for your yard or home. Vertical gardens can also be utilised to grow flowers and even vegetables.

Vertical gardens or green walls

Indoor Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens not only create a wonderful centerpiece to your interior space, but they help the natural airflow to your environment. These gardens can be made up of many different types of plants; ferns, ficus repents, pilea, and calathea being the most popular plant species used in green walls. Vertical gardens are also very space efficient and can fill up any empty space on a wall. 


Exterior Vertical Gardens

Many buildings around the country and world have vertical gardens installed on their exteriors. Many exterior gardens contain moss, vines, and other plants are often used on vertical gardens installed outdoors. Exterior vertical gardens have the advantage of having natural direct sunlight that makes them thrive. 

Exterior vertical gardens also give buildings great protection and insulation from temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and heavy rain.

Corporate spaces

Do you care for your employees? 

Studies say the health and well being of employees significantly improve when the building or office surroundings has extended green spaces. Gain these cost-effective and practical advantages with vertical commercial vertical gardens. Easy to attach to old or new vertical structures which provides sound-proofing and security.

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