Our story

At Flora Consultancy, landscape design and implementation are done across different areas in Nagpur. This includes residential properties such as balcony and terrace garden design. Also, commercial large scale projects such as vertical gardens and landscape design for restaurants, resorts, corporate offices, hospitals and hotels, and others.

We do care about the maintenance of the implementation. This ensures that your garden is evergreen. Over the years we have developed ourselves by researching and developing landscape designs, green spaces, terrace gardens and vertical gardens that are much suited for the climate of the area.

The organization is committed to translating the needs of the community and the environment into sustainable design solutions. We believe people are the most valued resource.

Contact us today and allow us to create a dreamy garden, green wall or terrace that can bring a change in the environment to enhance the living conditions.


Dr. Madhuri Pradeep Potdukhe – MSc PhD (Horticulture)

  • 5 years of experience in NIT
  • 10 years of experience in CPWD (Central Public Works Department)
  • Inpanel consultant for PWD (Public Works Department)
  • Practical training experience from Netherlands
  • All projects done with center government offices